Drew McArthur

Reading other people’s account of their first ever dive always makes me think that mine was nothing like theirs at all. All that majestic, free, spiritual stuff didn’t happen to me, I just remember it being very confusing with lots of bubbles and lots of fins. Since that first dive sometime around ’93 I finished school, left home, went on tour with a band for a year, worked on building sites, post rooms and offices, did martial arts, partied a lot, dived and travelled. Fortunately I managed to travel a lot, I love it.

With a passion for diving, travel and a desire to get out of the life typically offered back home, taking the step to become a professional scuba diver seemed like a good idea. In 2008 I got my first professional grade and in 2009 I left the UK with my (then) girlfriend Emma to start a new life in Costa Rica. After a year working as an instructor there, I went on to spend three and a half years in South Korea, a four month season in the Philippines and now, having tied the knot along the way we have settled on Grand Cayman.

I am a full time PADI Master Instructor, IANTD Advanced Reacreational Trimix instructor, boat captain and avid tech open & closed circuit diver, currently working for Divetech. In addition to this I write stories and features on scuba and environmental news.

Feel free to comment on anything you find here. Or to contact me directly, please use the contact form below

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